Coronavirus: Visitors banned from Guernsey's hospital and outpatient appointments cancelled

Visitors have been banned from the hospital, outpatient appointments have been cancelled and additional agency nurses are to be brought in.

Those are just some of the latest measures, introduced by Guernsey's government today, in response to the rapidly changing situation.

Health and Social Care says it has been forced to make these changes after people were ignoring previous advice to only visit during specific hours, and to use technology options for visits where possible.

It comes just a few days after operations and outpatient appointments were also cancelled at Jersey's General Hospital, and visitors banned.

The most recent key changes in Guernsey are:

  • Outpatient appointments: All non-urgent appointments have been suspended. Some may be conducted via telephone, and those patients that can be seen 'in person' are asked to attend alone if possible.

  • Hospital visitors: Visits from families and friends have been suspended. There will be exceptions for those who wish to visit loved ones within Loveridge and Frossard wards, which can be arranged by contacting the ward manager. There will also be exceptions for visitors of end-of-life care patients.

  • Hospital entrances: The Emergency Department entrance will remain open at all times, but other entrances could close - a final decision on this is expected next week.

  • New ‘Hot’ ICU facility: A new ‘hot’ ICU area has been created to care for COVID-19 positive patients.

  • Agency nurses: Additional, temporary agency nurses will be appointed to support services. The Medical Specialist Group is also looking to source and appoint additional, temporary clinicians.

We ask for support and understanding from our community for the additional measures being introduced from today. These changes will continue to ensure our services can be maintained for those who most need our care. We are facing extraordinary circumstances currently, and I thank all our staff within HSC and across our partners for their continued focus and dedication to our community.

Deputy Heidi Soulsby, Health & Social Care President