Islanders reminded not to stockpile medications as pharmacy requests double in Guernsey

Islanders in Guernsey are being reassured that there is no need to stockpile over-the-counter medicines, or ask pharmacies to dispense repeat prescriptions before their valid date.

Local pharmacies have reported a surge in demand since the coronavirus outbreak, and in some cases are having to deal with double their normal requests.

Some patients are reported to have put pressure on pharmacy staff to dispense some prescriptions in advance, which is not allowed - the earliest a pharmacy can dispense a prescription is four days before the date on the prescription.

There have also been reports of customers purchasing large quantities of over the counter medicines, such as painkillers.

Prescribing Advisor Geraldine O’Riordan says this puts pressure on the medicine supply chain, and is appealing for people to act responsibly.

Islanders who are self-isolating can ask a friend, relative or a volunteer to pick up any prescriptions as they need them, and some pharmacies also offer home delivery.

People who are observing social distancing can leave repeat prescriptions at the pharmacy and call in advance to ask for it to be dispensed, so that there is minimal delay, or they can ask a friend or relative to collect the medicine on their behalf.