Couples in Jersey who were due to get married in the coming weeks or months are having to make alternative arrangements for their wedding day.

Large gatherings or church services will not be allowed following the social distancing restrictions introduced on 20 March.

These restrictions will have significant implications for anyone intending to get married before the end of June 2020.

Couples will need to ensure they can keep themselves and their guests safe to help contain the spread of Covid-19.

The key considerations the Government of Jersey have outlined are:

  • Guests at higher risk because they are older or have underlying health conditions

  • Guests who have travelled from elsewhere

  • Children, who are more likely to spread disease.

The Superintendent Registrar, however, will continue to conduct marriages over the coming weeks but will need to do so in strict accordance with the Government’s social distancing advice.

This may mean that the ceremony (as distinct from any wedding reception or party which takes place after the official ceremony):

  • May need to be restricted to the couple, the wedding celebrant and the two witnesses; or

  • It may need to be held at a different location.

It is therefore recommended that, if you are planning on getting married before the end of June, you contact the Superintendent Registrar to discuss how best to proceed. You can contact the Office of the Superintendent Registrar on .

The States Assembly will consider this week whether to introduce new legal powers to close any event, regardless of the number of guests or the location, if it is believed that there may be a risk to public health.

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