Tighter restrictions for pregnant women have been released in Guernsey, which include asking partners not to attend scans.

It comes after the government has told islanders to stay in their homes to contain the spread of coronavirus.

As of midnight on 24 March 2020, all gatherings of two or more people in the Bailiwick of Guernsey have been stopped and non-essential shops and community spaces closed.

The new restrictions for pregnant women include:

  • All group sessions have been cancelled

  • No children or partners should accompany you to your antenatal appointments

  • No children or partners should accompany you to your scan

  • Only one birth partner is permitted per labouring woman

  • Only one named postnatal visitor per service user is allowed on the ward

  • You must inform your midwife if you are expecting a home visit and anyone in your home has influenza like symptoms, has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or is awaiting the result of a Covid-19 test

The States insist that there is no current evidence to suggest that pregnant women are more likely to catch coronavirus.

The large majority of pregnant women who have Covid-19 will experience only mild or moderate cold or flu symptoms. There is currently no data suggesting an increased risk of miscarriage or early pregnancy loss in relation to Covid-19. There is also no evidence that the virus can pass to your developing baby while you are pregnant. Two cases of this have been reported. In both cases, it remains unclear whether transmission was prior to or soon after birth.

States of Guernsey

All pregnant women over 28 weeks are being advised to limit face-to-face interaction with friends and family, and to remain at home if possible until they have given birth, except to attend medical appointments, including antenatal care and birth.

Pregnant women who can work from home should do so.