A new system has been introduced at Guernsey's Emergency Department (ED) to improve the way it handles potential coronavirus cases.

From today (27 March), anyone using the ED will be seen by a Streaming Nurse, who will ask the patient a few questions about travel history, isolation and potential contact with a Covid-19 positive patient.

Following this assessment, the patient will be instructed to go to:

  • Red Zone 1 if they have any Covid-19 symptoms (or have had contact with a Covid-19 patient); or

  • Yellow Zone 2 for Covid-19 symptom free, minor injuries and will receive their treatment in the former Outpatients Department

Routine radiology patients will wait in the radiology waiting room if they have no Covid-19 symptoms, or Red Zone 1 if they have Covid-19 symptoms.

All visitors are encouraged to use the hand washing facilities outside the ED entrance.