Using rescue medication packs now could cause 'more harm than benefit'

A Jersey doctor says using the rescue medication packs now could cause 'more harm than benefit'.

Earlier this month, GPs issued 17,000 packs to patients over the age of 80, who have respiratory or cardiovascular problems, or those who have diabetes.

They include a prescription for antibiotics, steroids and an inhaler, and are only supposed to be used if the person develops symptoms of coronavirus.

However, Dr James Mair from Island Medical Centre says some have been using them when they do not need to, so he has put out an urgent plea to prevent them from being used incorrectly.

If you have received rescue pack medication of tablets that you do not usually take, these are to be stored and put to one side safely out of reach. They should only be used if you've had a discussion with your doctor.

Dr James Mair
  • WATCH: Dr James Mair explains more about rescue pack medication...

Meanwhile, islanders in Guernsey are being reassured that there is no need to stockpile over-the-counter medicines, or ask pharmacies to dispense repeat prescriptions before their valid date.

Local pharmacies have reported a surge in demand since the Coronavirus outbreak, and in some cases are having to deal with double their normal requests.