Cafes, takeaways and hardware stores are among those which will now have to close their doors as a result of Guernsey's lockdown.

The States of Guernsey has issued new guidance on which businesses can remain open during the coronavirus pandemic as politicians continue to encourage islanders to stay in their homes.

The following businesses have been removed from the list of those allowed to remain open.

  • Boat, vehicle and bike repairs (unless they are providing emergency repairs for essential workers)

  • Hardware retailers

  • Retailers of office products and IT equipment

  • Restaurants, cafes, takeaways and kiosks

Retailers of animal feed will be able to remain open but should maintain strict social distancing and follow hygiene guidelines.

Outdoor businesses will only be allowed to carry out critical or emergency repairs and maintenance, meaning businesses like window cleaners, domestic cleaners and gardeners should stop trading.

In an open letter, Chief Minister Deputy Gavin St Pier apologised for what he called 'stumbling on the detail', which led to some confusion over the status of workers in specific circumstances.

We know our original guidance issued on Friday evening was not clear enough, and not strict enough in limiting those workplaces which should be allowed to open. We have quickly reviewed the position, which has led to the new guidance we are releasing now. It is better, but we’re acutely aware it cannot cover every eventuality and will include decisions not all will agree with. We’re asking Islanders to stay with us, to work with us, and to remember the point of all this. We must slow the spread of the Coronavirus by reducing unnecessary physical contact. We need you to make sure that’s what happens, and not seek to bend the rules or push the boundaries. Tougher restrictions are an option that is absolutely on the table and we will use them if we have any doubt that people are following these measures.

Deputy Gavin St Pier, Guernsey's Chief Minister

Deputy Heidi Soulsby, President of the Committee for Health & Social Care, said that government had been forced to react quickly - but said it was important that advice from government remained clear.

We don’t want our message to be muddied,or misunderstood, people must stay at home and stay away from others who are not members of their household as much as possible. The exceptions must be for exceptional reasons. We are doing things in hours and days that would ordinarily take government months to consult on and produce and with no template to work on. However, thanks to a lot of hard work over the weekend, we believe that the new guidance provides the clarity that is needed.

Deputy Heidi Soulsby, President of the Committee for Health & Social Care

More details on the guidance is available on the States of Guernsey website.