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More jobs added to Jersey's critical workers list

Children of critical workers can go to a nursery, school or a childminder so their parents can carry out essential jobs. Credit: ITV Channel TV

More roles have been added to Jersey's critical workers list, which means their children can go to a nursery, school or a childminder.

It allows parents to continue their essential work without having to worry about childcare.

Schools in Jersey have closed to reduce the spread of coronavirus, and are only open, along with a small number of nurseries and childminders, to look after the children of critical workers.

Initially, only Government services had access to the limited number of school and nursery places offered for critical workers.

Now a number of other roles have been added they include people who work in:

  • Residential and nursing homes
  • Hospice
  • Community nursing
  • General Practice
  • Pharmacies
  • Food supplies
  • Telecommunications
  • Gas and water services
  • Ports of Jersey

The number of places remains capped, to ensure strict social distancing is maintained within schools and nurseries to help safeguard children and staff alike.

We would like to thank all of our schools, nurseries and childminders for supporting our critical workers’ children and vulnerable children during these challenging and unprecedented times.

Providing places for the children of critical workers and those identified as vulnerable is critical in maintaining our Island’s essential services and offering safety and security for those children at more risk than others.

– Joint statement, Education Minister, Senator Tracey Vallois and Children’s Minister, Senator Sam Mézec,

The government says they are keen to ensure the children of critical workers can still attend to vital services over Easter. They are working with childminders, nurseries, headteachers and staff unions to see if this is possible.

The wider list of critical workers is available on the Jersey Government website.

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