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Parking charges relaxed during Jersey lockdown

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Restrictions and payments for States run car parks and on-street spaces are being lifted during the lockdown in Jersey.

However, parking on Gloucester Street will be earmarked for emergency health workers and spaces in Patriotic Street Car Park will be earmarked for other health workers.

Any car parked illegally or dangerously will still be subject to action.

The rules are being brought in until further notice to 'enable a better response to the coronavirus'.

Making the announcement, Infrastructure Minister Deputy Kevin Lewis asked all islanders to 'respect the rules'.

Introducing the parking rules usually applied on Sundays and bank holidays will enable our resources to be focused on essential Island services, but I would remind all islanders to please continue to respect the rules around disabled and parent child spaces and action will still be taken if any cars are parked dangerously or illegally.

Patriotic Street and Gloucester Street parking will be for the exclusive use of health workers only, so that these individuals are able to continue to carry out the vital job of caring for islanders during these unprecedented times.

– Deputy Kevin Lewis, Jersey's Minister for Infrastructure

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