The boss of Jersey’s Shelter Trust has warned that more people could start using the homeless shelter because of coronavirus.

Neville Benbow, The Shelter Trust's chairman, predicts more islanders will be reliant on the service during the crisis.

He says there is a link between people losing their jobs and becoming less financially secure and then going on to lose their homes.

We're going to see probably a 20-30% increase in demand for our services, so that's difficult anytime and right now it's even more pressured. At times like this we're going to see increased pressure on our services and we're going to have to do more to make sure the people of Jersey are safe because people are going to lose their jobs, people are going to become homeless and because of that we need to make sure that we are really open for business and we're able to accomodate as many people as possible at this difficult time.

Neville Benbow, Shelter Trust
The Grace Trust in Jersey is providing food for many who would otherwise go without. Credit: Grace Trust Jersey

Charities like The Grace Trust, which supports vulnerable people in Jersey, are also prepared to see a rise in the number of people reliant on their help.

The organisation is providing food for many who would otherwise go without.

I think in the days to come we're going to see more and more people directly affected by coronavirus through possibly having less work, less hours you can get in but we're going to be as ready as we can for that and as best as we can as well.

The Grace Trust
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