How to boost your internet speed from home

Digital Jersey’s CEO, Tony Moretta, has shared his seven top tips on getting the best out of your broadband at home.

As the islands are in lockdown, with only essential staff at work, many people in the Channel Islands are now doubling dining tables as desks.

There are plenty of problems thrown up by the island's lockdown they include relaxing, feeling connected and keeping healthy. But many might also be experiencing technical problems, like slow internet.

Tony Moretta has said that Jersey’s broadband system can cope with the increase in usage and has given his top tips to getting the most whilst working from home.

  • Tony's Top Tips

1. Reduce the number of devices connected to your router

Connecting lots of devices to your router can eat into your WiFi bandwidth and affect the quality of your connection, so turn these off if you're not using them as devices like tablets and smartphones, which often work in the background.

2. Keep your WiFi router secured

Putting a password on your WiFi router does not only keep it safer, it will also prevent others from connecting and slowing down your service.

3. Extenders may help your signal reach around the house

Tony recommends speaking to your telecoms provider if you are struggling to get WiFi coverage around the house. There are lots of options, like extenders or Mesh systems.

4. Stream sensibly

Save downloading your favourite TV shows and movies till off-peak hours when less people are using the internet. Downloading in standard definition will also be quicker.

If you are using a games console, avoid any large updates when most people are online.

5. Location, location, location

Locate your router in a sensible place. Keep it away from halogen lamps, dimmer switches, speakers, fairy lights, TVs and monitors, as well as wireless devices.

Rather than keeping the router on the floor, make sure it is kept higher up on a table or shelf. Also try to keep it switched on.

6. It might be time for an upgrade

Older routers or routers that regularly disconnect might need to be swapped.

Tony recommends speaking to your provider.

7. Wired over wireless

When working from home it might be quicker to go wired rather than wireless. An ethernet cable connecting your computer or laptop directly to the router should give you a quicker and more reliable connection.

Telecoms providers in both Jersey and Guernsey have offered free broadband upgrades to customers to help cope with increased demand on their networks.

People have understandably asked if systems can cope with this sudden change in how we live our lives and I'm pleased to say the answer is clear: yes we can. Engineers are constantly monitoring their respective networks to check on demand from customers. If you think of the broadband connections as hosepipes, until now there's been a foot intentionally resting on that pipe to slow down the flow and ensure there's spare capacity should the need arise. Well that need is here, the foot is off the pipe, and the voice calls, video calls and streams can all happen with confidence.

Tony Moretta, Digital Jersey