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'Stay put': Senator Mézec urges people not to move house during Coronavirus outbreak

Senator Sam Mézec's main piece of advice to the public is: Credit: Government of Jersey

Jersey's Housing Minister says islanders should not move house unless absolutely necessary.

At a press conference today, Senator Sam Mézec's main piece of advice to the public was: "stay put unless your health and safety are at immediate risk".

He also addressed several other issues facing both landlords and tenants during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Tenancies ending

Senator Mézec says people should remain in place even if their tenancy is about to end.

  • Evictions

Jersey’s courts will not be hearing eviction cases during this time, and if any landlord does attempt to evict a tenant it will not be lawful.

  • Obligations as a tenant

Tenants are being urged to continue meeting their obligations by keeping their property in a good state of repair, not creating problems for other residents who might be self-isolating or spending long periods of time at home, and paying their rent as normal. Anyone who is struggling financially is asked to call 01534 445566.

  • Empty accommodation

During his statement, the Housing Minister pleaded to landlords, guest house and hotel owners with empty accommodation. He is asking for anyone who is willing to release their property for emergency housing to contact the government.

He also announced that a dedicated housing email has been set up to answer any questions people have, and to provide support where possible -

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