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16 residents and 11 care home workers test positive for coronavirus in Guernsey

Three residents had already been identified as a ‘cluster of cases’, but further testing has uncovered a much wider spread. Credit: ITV Channel TV

16 residents and 11 staff at a Guernsey care home are now confirmed as having tested positive for coronavirus.

Earlier this week, it was revealed three residents had been identified as a ‘cluster of cases’ over the weekend, but further testing of all those living and working at the facility has uncovered a much wider spread of the virus.

Dr Nicola Brink, Guernsey’s Director Public Health, praised the contact tracing team who had worked day and night to identify all those who may have been in close proximity to any of those testing positive.

It comes on the day the total number of cases in the Bailiwick, all in the island of Guernsey, had increased to 91, up from 60 at the start of the week.

Dr Brink said this was primarily down to the team “proactively looking for cases in nursing and residential homes”.

The States of Guernsey have also launched a new online community monitoring system. All islanders, whether symptomatic or not, are being urged to submit their details online so the government can track their progress in the coming weeks to build a better picture of who is self-isolating, and the scale of suspected cases beyond those being tested.

The Chief Minister, Health Minister and Director of Public Health used today’s press conference to publicly thank the “army of people” helping them cope with the crisis, including health and care workers at hospital and in the community, volunteers and charity workers, and others working across public services with what Deputy Gavin St Pier called “unflappability”.

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