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Jersey’s registered workers can now access up to £150 each per week

The Minister for Social Security launched the ‘CRESS’ emergency scheme. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Registered workers who have lost their jobs because of coronavirus can now claim up to £150 a week from Jersey’s government.

People who claim, however, will have to be available to take part in voluntary, Government or community work during the coronavirus crisis.

Those who have been working in Jersey for less than five years and have lost full-time income are eligible for help.

The Minister for Social Security has announced details of the Covid-19 Related Emergency Support Scheme (CRESS).

Single people will be able to claim £150 and couples who have both lost their income can claim £250 a week. An extra £50 will be paid to people for each child they have.

Individuals who have been working in Jersey for less than six months will only be able to claim £70 per week although repatriation costs will be supported.

It is an important part of Jersey’s financial safety net that people need to be in the island for five years before they can ask for help from Income Support. That is our “business as usual,” and people who have been in the island for less than five years don’t normally need help from the Government.

Today we face an extraordinary situation, where people who have come to the island to work cannot support themselves, through no fault of their own. Some may be desperate to return home to family and friends, but must remain in Jersey for the time being.

– Deputy Judy Martin, Minister for Social Security

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