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Pensioners in Jersey urged not to visit their parish hall

Parish Connétables are asking their parishioners not to visit their Parish Hall to have their UK Pension Service certificate witnessed. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey Constables are urging pensioners not to go to their parish hall to have their UK Pension Service certificate witnessed.

The UK Pension Service has sent out its certificate of life requirement, which many people around the island would have received - this is despite social distancing advice.

The certificate is a way of proving to the UK government that an individual is still alive, and should still be paid their UK pension.

The letter gives people 16 weeks, up to the middle of July, to have the form witnessed and returned, so Constables are urging people to wait until later in the year to get it done.

Jersey is currently in lock down. In addition, all persons over 65 have been advised to self-isolate. Please do not visit your Parish Hall to get the letter witnessed. Leave this until the current restrictions have been lifted. This is vital for us all to limit the spread of coronavirus.

– Deidre Mezbourian, the Chair of the Comité des Connétables

Meanwhile, the General Hospital switchboard is receiving calls from islanders who are attempting to ring the UK authorities regarding their UK pensions. However, they are dialling the wrong number.

If you have received a life certificate from the UK authorities, and need to verify your details over the phone, please ring the UK Department for Work and Pensions on 0191 218 7777.

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