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Jersey Police to use unprecedented powers 'carefully'

Robin Smith, Chief Police officer Credit: States of Jersey Police

The Chief Police Officer has said the force will use their new unprecedented powers ‘carefully’.

Robin Smith said this in an written an open letter to everyone in Jersey published today.

We will use our powers carefully for those who persistently refuse to abide by the rules, and in doing so risk the lives of others. And whilst so much has changed, you will see us patrolling our streets and neighbourhoods.

– Robin Smith, Jersey's Chief Officer

Robin Smith only took up the role as Jersey’s Chief Officer a few months ago, but now he is pleading with the public to only contact the police if you really need them.

We politely ask that you contact us only when you really need us. We’re in this together and the States of Jersey Police won’t let you down.

– Robin Smith, Jersey's Chief Officer

He has laid out three priorities for the force during the coronavirus pandemic:

  • To encourage people to comply with the new restrictions and if necessary take action against those not listening.
  • Officers will apply their discretion and ask questions to find out individuals circumstances
  • Maintain ‘the best’ service to the public whilst protecting staff

The Chief Officer also highlights that contingency plans have been made in case staff fall ill.

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