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No takeaways allowed in Guernsey following tougher rules on essential businesses

The Sitar Restaurant and takeaway was in the middle of service when the call came to shut down. Credit: ITV Channel News

People in Guernsey looking for a treat after spending their second week in lockdown will not be allowed to order a takeaway.

The announcement came after some confusion over what businesses could continue to run.

This led to States of Guernsey clarifying any business who delivered takeaways must now shut with the exception of the Meals on Wheels service.

But the news reached some businesses when they were in the middle of service.

We were taken by surprise without any prior notice or warning or saying to us hang on from midnight tonight stop all services and food deliveries and all food outlets must be shut.

I did not think that was the best way to go, but if they said to us hang on from midnight tonight all food services must close that's understandable. We only needed four hours notice but we did not even get that.

– Umar Ali, Manager Sitar Restaurant and takeaway
Takeaways are no longer classified as an essential service to remain open during the lockdown. Credit: ITV Channel News

Unlike Jersey or the UK - the States of Guernsey have taken precautions a step further.

Guernsey's Chief Minister says islanders should not compare what other jurisdictions are doing.

Guernsey's Chief Minister told ITV News they couldn't guarantee kitchens could follow social distancing rules. Credit: ITV Channel News

It's very much a judgement which was based on the circumstances that exist here and concern about whether it was really possible for many of those places to maintain proper social distancing for the staff who were supporting those businesses. Again we'll keep it review, but it was a judgement that was based on the public health advice given the situation here.

– Gavin St Pier, Guernsey's Chief Minister

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