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Autism Jersey reminds people to still contact service for support

There are about 1,000 people on the autism spectrum in the island. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Autism Jersey is reminding islanders they can still seek support from the charity, even though many locations where its services are held are closed because of coronavirus.

There are about 1,000 people on the autism spectrum in the island.

The head of the charity says the organisation is continuing to deliver some of its essential services, like supporting adults who live independently, by staying in regular contact with them over the phone.

The charity says people can still contact them in several ways.

People can contact us through the normal direct routes either via email or via telephone or through the website. We also have our Facebook page and Twitter account. We're still open for business and we are still responding to individuals and families.

– Chris Dunne, Chief Executive Officer for Autism Jersey

Mr Dunne says for many autistic people a sense of routine is very important in allowing them to control their circumstances, so keeping up regular practices is important in this uncertain period.

Sunday (5 April) marks the end of Autism Awareness Week, which seeks to spread greater understanding of the condition and acceptance.

Autism Jersey say they have had to cancel many of its services including short-breaks as well as face-to-face family help. However they are maintaining regular support with families over the phone and online to help them cope.

You can contact Autism Jersey on 01534 871 888 and there are more details on their website.

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