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Man fined £500 for 'flagrant breach' of Jersey's new coronavirus laws

Jade Hamon appeared at Jersey's Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to breaking the new Covid 19 law. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A Jersey man has been fined £500 for breaking the new Covid-19 laws, after he was found drinking lager in Millennium Town Park.

Jade Hamon appeared at Jersey's Magistrates Court via video link and pleaded guilty to breaking regulation five of the law.

The court heard the police found the 45-year-old in the park at 3:30pm on Saturday 4 April with his ex-partner drinking lager. When police spoke to him it was clear he was breaching the rules.

Chris Baglin, prosecuting told the court he had also been seen out on 31 March and 2 April, and on both occasions he did not have good reason to be in public, and was breaking the law.

Adam Harrison, defending told the court that on that Saturday Hamon had been on a walk with his ex partner, as part of his allowed exercise. They had kept the required two meters apart.

He told the court that it was his former partner who had suggested having a drink in the park.

He accepts that he shouldn't have done that... Genuinely it wasn't his intention to waste these officers time. He did go out with the right intention to just go for a walk.

– Adam Harrison, defence lawyer

Assistant Magistrate, Peter Harris told Hamon that breaking the law like this would not be tolerated and it was a "flagrant breach" of the rules. He said the coronavirus epidemic is a "serious matter" and that is why these new laws are in place.

You are not fire proof... You are not in the best of health, you are probably more vulnerable than other me your age... If you flout the regulations you are putting other people at risk, it will not be tolerated.

– Peter Harris, Assistant Magistrate

Mr Harris accepted that Hamon of Albert Street, St Helier had already spent two nights in custody and admitted breaking the law, so he would not be fined the maximum £1000 penalty. Instead he was fined £500.

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