Coronavirus cluster at Jersey care home confirmed by Health Minister

A coronavirus cluster has been identified in a care home in Jersey, the island's Health Minister has confirmed.

17 residents at the home, which has not been named, tested positive for Covid-19.

Deputy Richard Renouf says he became aware of the development late last night (Monday 6 April).

He says he has been reassured that all of those affected are self-isolating in their rooms, in a stable condition and responding well to treatment. They are currently being treated by GPs who have the appropriate protective equipment.

Other residents are also self-isolating and are being tested as a precaution, Staff who are displaying symptoms have been advised not to come into work and to contact the helpline if they develop fever or respiratory symptoms.

Deputy Renouf also stressed that there was a 'continuous' supply of protective equipment coming into the island - and staff are equipped to deal with cases.

He says the government is also providing 'hot drop' packages - containing masks, gloves, gowns and aprons - to care homes as soon as they report a suspected case of the disease.

Deputy Renouf also said that cleaning in care homes was taking place more regularly and that special attention is being paid to surfaces and touch points.