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Jersey's health department will work with other agencies to manage PPE supplies

The department will work with other healthcare agencies to 'safely and properly coordinate' its approach to equipment. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's health department must manage its supplies of personal protection equipment (PPE) 'carefully', the island's Chief Nurse has said.

Rose Naylor says that while Health and Community Services received a 'number of very significant deliveries' of PPE over the past week, it would have to work with other healthcare agencies to 'safely and properly coordinate' its approach to equipment and reduce wastage.

Organisations will be able to request equipment which will then be distributed based on advice by medical professionals.

We’re working closely with the NHS to ensure that we maintain an adequate supply of PPE and we have received a number of very significant deliveries of PPE over the past week. But because of the global demand for PPE equipment, we have to manage supplies of PPE carefully.

We’re reminding healthcare colleagues daily about guidelines covering the correct use of PPE – both to ensure that staff are protected, and to prevent it being wasted.

– Rose Naylor, Jersey's Chief Nurse

Meanwhile, 85 former medical staff have responded to a government campaign to bolster staffing levels in Jersey's health department during the coronavirus pandemic.

The government issued a plea for those who had recently left professions such as medicine or nursing to make come forward and offer their services to help plug shortages on the island.

The Chief Nurse says HR teams are now working to get as many of them back to work as they possibly can - as well as trying to recruit medical and nursing students from universities.

Work is also being done to ensure staff are familiar with the equipment they may need to use to help islanders suffering from Covid-19.

We’re running practical upskilling programmes and refresher training for clinical and patient-facing colleagues and this will continue. This training is informed by the NHS who have been and continue to develop guidance for short education programmes. This is to ensure a wider pool of staff can be directly involved in supporting patients with respiratory needs.

– Rose Naylor, Jersey's Chief Nurse

To help staff manage their mental health, the government has also created a Wellbeing team who will offer support for staff such as practical and emotional support and mindfulness.

The team has has carried out 400 individual wellbeing checks so far.

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