Three more people have been fined for breaching Covid-19 regulations in Jersey, after failing to comply with Police warnings.

Kira Coutanche, aged 23, was fined £500 while 36-year-old Stephanie Jolly was fined £300 after the pair having been arrested at Havre des Pas. Both were warned on multiple occasions they should not have been out after they were seen drinking outside their homes.

Damien Stern, aged 31, was fined £400 after he was arrested on La Route de St Aubin. He had previously been warned twice before about being outside.

All three appeared via video link at Jersey's Magistrates Court on April 7.

In court, Magistrate Bridget Shaw stressed the importance of complying with the rules.

The island like many other communities is in a very serious situation. This is not a game, not a joke. These are serious restrictions on everyone's freedoms. We all have to play our part in keeping to the rules so we don't spread the virus.

Bridget Shaw, Magistrate

Jersey Police says the actions of the three people left officers with no alternative but to enforce the rules.

These individuals have all failed to heed Police advice and warnings on a number of occasions. Staying true to our policing approach we repeatedly engaged with them, explained the importance of complying with the Stay Home Order and encouraged them to do so. It was clear that nothing we said would change their behaviours so we were left with no choice but to take enforcement action. We take the responsibility placed upon us by the new Covid regulations extremely seriously and will only look to employ these powers when absolutely necessary.

Acting Chief Inspector Craig Jackson, Head of community policing