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Guernsey students to be issued predicted grades due to Covid-19 pandemic

It comes after exam regulator Ofqual announced the cancellation of summer exams for A-Level and GCSE students. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Schools and colleges in Guernsey have been told to give their A-Level and GCSE students predicted grades after the cancellation of summer exams.

The exam regulator Ofqual says students should be issued with the grades they were most likely to achieve, based on evidence and reviewed by both subject teachers and heads of department.

According to Ofqual guidance, these judgments must be based on evidence of student performance - such as their classwork, homework assesments and mock exams. For A-Level students, their AS grades in that subject will also be considered.

Schools and colleges must also provide a rank order of the students within each grade so that Ofqual can ensure the distribution of grades follows a similar pattern to previous years.

Deputy Matt Fallaize, President of Guernsey's Committee for Education, Sport & Culture, says while the situation is not perfect, he is glad that there is now an understanding about how current students can progress.

While this situation is less than ideal, and we must do everything possible to support our students affected by these unavoidable circumstances, we now at least have more clarity about the process everyone entered into these exams will go through. These are unprecedented times and students who have been preparing for these exams must be reassured that this process will be objective, fair and will not result in them losing out. To this end I was pleased to see that the exams regulator confirmed an appropriate appeals mechanism will be put in place with students having the opportunity to sit exams at the earliest reasonable opportunity in the new academic year if they wish.

It is also important to understand that, while our schools will have to supply evidence to Ofqual, it is Ofqual that will make the final decision on grades.

– Deputy Matt Fallaize, President of Guernsey's Committee for Education, Sport & Culture

Deputy Fallaize says those students who have already sat exams and gained qualifications cannot have them taken away from them.

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