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Jersey Hospice Care appeals for community support to fund services

The charity has been forced to close charity shops and cancel fundraising events which has had a significant impact on their income. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A Jersey charity which supports islanders towards the end of their lives says it needs more funding to keep all of its services running.

Every year, Jersey Hospice Care helps over 1,000 people with end of life treatment as well as at-home support and bereavement counselling.

With some of their services expecting an increase in demand they are also seeing less money coming in.

They say they have been affected in "every single way" by the pandemic and are calling for support from the community to generate the £20,000 per day needed to fund their work.

Less than 8% of the charity's funding came from the government in 2019, meaning they rely on donations and fundraising events, many of which have been cancelled or postponed.

However, they have been forced to close charity shops and cancel fundraising events which has had a significant impact on their income.

A week is lost by closing their shops across Jersey

A lot of our community and fundraising events have had to be cancelled or postponed including our Hospice to Hospice Half Marathon – although some people have still been doing the run virtually, in their own time. In a stroke all of our community fundraising has stopped.

– Katrina Hancock, Director of income generation for Jersey Hospice

The coronavirus pandemic has seen several changes at the Hospice.

Families and volunteers are unable to enter the hospice and nurses are experiencing a dramatic increase in their workload - some working up to 15 hour shifts every day.

Things are changing very quickly, so every half day something else changes so you have to keep up with it. We have planned for our services to increase in terms of the numbers with people who need help at this time having lost somebody with coronavirus.

I can't tell you how crucial these services are to the community, so that's why I'd hope the community will continue supporting us.

– Gail Caddell, Director of Palliative Care
  • Some events have been cancelled, postponed or changed:

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The hospice has now launched its 'Hospice Hero' appeal to encourage people to support them.

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