People in Guernsey are being urged not to take up ormering during lockdown

People who fancy giving ormerering or angling a go during lockdown are being warned it is too risky if you are not experienced.

The States of Guernsey have given permission for these sea activities to continue within the daily two hours of permitted exercise but warn those who lack experience could put more pressure on the island's emergency services.

Sea Fisheries Officers already police ormering as there are strict procedures to follow and this will now have to factor in social distancing requirements.

Authorities warn that if people who don't understand how to ormer are trying it for the first time, frontline officers could be put at unnecessary risk.

Whilst I appreciate that it is frustrating that people cannot take part in activities that they normally enjoy, I would urge Islanders to listen to the advice and stay at home, only make essential journeys and not to put themselves or others in danger.

Dr Nicola Brink, Director Guernsey Public health
Ormer hunters must still obey social distancing during their search. Credit: ITV Channel News

Ormer hunters must abide by the following advice:

  • Only fish on a designated ormering tid

  • Only take ormers that are 8cm or bigger

  • Return all rocks to original position

Ormers are a type of mollusc and are often compared with sea snails. Credit: ITV Channel News

La Société Guernesiaise's marine biology section says it is vital to maintain the coastline's ecosystem.

Every rock is a unique ecosystem of organisms perfectly adapted to their environment, and if you leave a rock upturned this ecosystem is left out of balance

La Société Guernesiaise
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