Messages from the Deans of Guernsey and Jersey on Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, messages from the Deans of both Guernsey and Jersey remind islanders that even when apart, there is still a sense of togetherness.

With all churches closed, services are now being streamed online. The Dean of Guernsey says "in one way we are very properly isolated, but through technology we are able to keep in touch with each other in a very good and creative way".

The message is 'do not be afraid' and as human beings we are fearful, this is a strange time that we're living in, this new normal that we've adjusted to over the last few weeks. But that message, 'do not be afraid', is a really important one, we are wonderfully cared for, we're well supported in Guernsey, in the Channel Islands and I hope that in the midst of all this strangeness and this confusion people will be able to hear that gospel message.

The Very Reverend, Tim Barker

The Deans of both Jersey and Guernsey announced that services will be live streamed from homes, and pre-recorded videos will be shared on social media.

The Bailiff of Jersey, in his televised speech, spoke about 'this too shall pass' and of course we know that to be true. Easter is a time of joy and hope coming from despair. We know that we'll be able to open our doors again, we know that our community will be able to get back on its feet again, and certainly I would like to join the many others to say a huge thank you to all those frontline staff and our healthcare and other services who are helping so much to look after those who are ill - and who are helping to keep our community going. I just want to say - we really appreciate it.

The Very Reverend, Mike Keirle

People across the Channel Islands rang bells from their homes to mark the most important day in the Christian calendar - Easter Sunday.

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