Demand increases for alcohol support services during lockdown

With pubs, bars and restaurants closed across the Channel Islands, there are reports that drinking at home is on the rise.

For the first time in 21 years, the Coronation Inn in Alderney has closed its doors. But with supermarkets on the island not selling alcohol, the pub has seen a large increase in home deliveries. They have gone up from roughly six a week to nearly 20-a-day.

But for those who are dependent on alcohol, this period of lockdown could prove to be a testing time. Support is out there though with mental health and addiction charities still operating throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Islander Jo Ferbrache has blogged about her road to recovery under the name Sober Jo. In 2018, she decided to stop drinking altogether as she felt she was depending too much on alcohol. She has been sober since January 2019 but says self-isolation has at times been challenging.

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