First 'virtual meeting' of Guernsey States to take place

The States of Guernsey will hold its first virtual meeting.

States members, the presiding officer and other officials will debate the day's business using an online conferencing service, due to current restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

A trial meeting was held on Thursday 9 April to ensure everything worked effectively - though the system has already been used for other government business and committee meetings since the lockdown was announced.

To make sure the sitting can continue as smoothly as possible, some changes have been made to the procedures.

  • The majority of propositions must be submitted at least 24 hours before the meeting - with the exception of urgent propositions.

  • The 'give way' rule, which allows one member to grant another the opportunity to make a relevant interjection during their speaking time, has been deleted.

Islanders will be able to watch the developments on the States website. A new link will be published if the debate runs over into the next day (Wednesday 15 April).