Guernsey's government announces 'phased release' of lockdown restrictions

Guernsey's government has implemented a "phased release" of the lockdown restrictions.

At today's media briefing, Deputy Gavin St Pier spoke about the government's lockdown exit strategy.

He broke it down into four phases, as follows:

  • Phase 1

This began on 8 April when contactless home deliveries began.

  • Phase 2

This is set to begin at 00:01 on Saturday 25 April. It will mean most of us will need to continue staying at home and schools will remain closed. Some low-risk businesses will re-open, where minimal contact can be maintained, but non-essential services involving direct contact (beauty, physio etc) will not be allowed.

  • Phase 3

Deputy St Pier says it is impossible to set a date on this at present, however it will be under constant review. When we reach it, it will mean free movement around the island, but off-island travel will remain limited. Schools and businesses will be open, as will hotels, restaurants and kiosks. Higher risk venues - for example bars and nightclubs - will either remain closed or be subject to restrictions.

  • Phase 4

Deputy St Pier described this as "the new normal", however a strategic economic recovery plan will be put in place, and lockdown could be re-introduced at any point if required.