Top tips for reducing alcohol consumption during lockdown

People in Guernsey are being encouraged to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink to improve their mental health.

It comes after reports that more people are drinking at home and demand for alcohol support services have increased during the lockdown.

Alcohol acts as a depressant and when drunk in excess it can impact your mental health.

Guernsey’s health services have also warned that accidents caused by drunk people will lead to an unnecessary burden on the already busy hospital.

Andrea Nightingale, the Substance Use Lead for The Health Improvement Commission has given her top tips for keeping your alcohol intake in check:

  • Buy or order less alcohol. Having less in the house will help reduce the amount you consume

  • Use smaller glasses – research shows that we pour ourselves larger drinks at home than we are poured when drinking in pubs and bars, smaller glasses reduce how much we consume.

  • When you have poured a drink, put the lid, cork or cap back on the bottle, and put the bottle away, this can help break the temptation to pour another.

  • Have two or three alcohol free days each week.

  • Buy or order lower strength lagers/beers or try to lengthen the drinks with lots of tonic/mixer or ice to reduce the strength and make it last longer.

  • Drink with meals.

People who are concerned about theirs, or someone else's, drinking can call 01481 723255 for support and information from Guernsey Advisory Alcohol Service.

Those under the age of 25 can get in contact with Action for Children by ringing 01481 700218.