Coronavirus: Pregnancy during lockdown

Parents across the Channel Islands are facing changes to appointments, antenatal classes and birthing plans, leaving some feeling increasingly anxious.

With the islands in lockdown, the prospect of giving birth without their partner is something women are having to come to terms with.

Those who are pregnant are classed as vulnerable to Covid-19 and have been advised to follow strict stay at home guidance and may only leave the home to shop for necessities, for daily exercise or for medical reasons.

ITV's Jessica Tidswell has been speaking to three women going through the experience.

Third-time mum Sarah Manning tested positive for the virus, just days before giving birth.

It meant her partner had to self-isolate and was not allowed to be there for the birth of their child Rocco.

She described the team on Jersey's midwifery unit as "amazing".

Credit: Sarah Manning

For first time mum Melinda Tidy, pregnancy won't quite be the experience she had hoped for.

Melinda will now have her 20-week scan alone as partners are no longer allowed to attend appointments.

Melinda says she was Credit: Melinda Tidy

Kelly Wild from Guernsey, who has just given birth, says she will miss the visits from friends and family.

Kelly had a little boy on Saturday night.

Baby Theo and mum are doing well and are now safely at home.

Credit: Kelly Wild

Pregnant women and their partners across the Channel Islands are being reassured that advice and support is still available.

Hospitals and maternity services are adjusting the way they operate with ongoing training to ensure high safety standards are met.

Consultant and the Joint Head of Women, Children and Family Care, Dr Nelson is telling mothers-to-be they are doing everything they possibly can.