Millions lost as more cruises cancel trips to Guernsey

Like them or loathe them - there is no doubt that cruise ships have a massive impact on the tourism industry in the Channel Islands.

At least 25 ships havecancelled their plans to visit the Bailiwick of Guernsey, and another two have cancelled planned trips to Jersey.

Last year the giants of sea travel brought in £4 million to Guernsey's economy, but the tides have turned thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Excursion companies earn tens of thousands of pounds from cruise passengers. Credit: ITV Channel

Island RIB Voyager, Outdoor Guernsey, Karting Guernsey and the Petit Train are working together to create a discount card to attract locals to use their activities when lockdown rules are lifted.

Other businesses have started selling online stores but not without some teething problems.

Powells Jewellery have started selling jewellery online, after 70% of their income last year came from tourists on the seafront.

But they have faced phishing scams from buyers who have shared fraudulent PayPal links.

Guernsey's busy seafront in the summer months. Credit: ITV Channel

For businesses who rely on bus loads of tourists these travel restrictions have been catastrophic.

Guernsey Pearl were supposed to be celebrating their 25th anniversary but instead look unlikely to reopen until 2021.

Guernsey Pearl says local trade wouldn't be enough to keep them afloat. Credit: ITV Channel

Tourism businesses are looking to the island's leaders more than ever but visitors to the island will not be welcomed until the final stages of lockdown restrictions being lifted.