Jersey’s four levels of lockdown explained

Anyone listening to Jersey’s press conference today would have heard the phrase ‘level four of lockdown’, but what does that actually mean?

There are four levels to lockdown. Jersey is, currently, in level four.

Level four:

It involves strict social distancing and orders for people to Stay at Home.

From 2 May, you will be able to spend up to four hours a day away from home for necessary shopping, medical reasons or any other activity outside the home.

Time outdoors can be spent with people from your own household plus up to two people that do not live in your household, as long as people continue to keep a distance of two metres.

Level three:

This has been described as a ‘soft lockdown’. The stay at home order will be lifted, and more businesses will be back operating.

You will be allowed outside your house for any amount of time and can gather in groups of no more than five.

Whilst there will be more movement within the island, travel off island will be restricted and schools would remain closed.

Restaurants and cafes may start serving food - but only outdoors and by practicing social distancing. Pubs, however, will remain closed if they are only serving alcohol.

Level two:

This is being called a ‘soft opening’. Even more businesses, with appropriate social distancing measures, would be opened.

There will be more off-island travel but the 14 day self-isolation rule will be reviewed closer to the time.

Level one:

This is seen as the final stage. Jersey’s government are calling it ‘physical distancing’ but others have called it the ‘new normal’.

Venues will be open, you will be able to visit one another's houses, but strict social distancing and hygiene measures will be in place.

Jersey’s government says the movement between these levels will be gradual, so it is unlikely to expect free movement on and off island any time soon.