Restrictions eased on sport and recreation in Guernsey

Restrictions on sport and recreation in Guernsey have been eased following the publication of the States' framework for leaving lockdown.

Singles tennis, golf in pairs, and outdoor one-on-one coaching will now be allowed, provided social distancing is maintained.

The Royal Guernsey Golf Club says play will re-commence there on Monday 4 May for members only.

Group activities including football, rugby, and hockey, however, will still not be permitted.

The latest guidance on exercise and recreation from the States of Guernsey. Credit: States of Guernsey

Sport plays a major role in Island life and we know that many sporting organisations are struggling because of the impact of lockdown on their finances, their staff and their members. We will continue to do everything we can to ensure that support is available, but in the interim we would ask all sports to carefully read the guidance, share it with their members and strictly comply with the continuing restrictions. Our team is available to provide advice and guidance to any sporting organisations at this time and I would encourage anyone with any questions to contact the Commission.

Jon Ravenscroft, Chairman, Guernsey Sports Commission