'It's just like a kaleidoscope of memories': Guernsey's outgoing Bailiff shares his thoughts on Liberation Day

Sir Richard Collas was the 89th Bailiff of Guernsey Credit: ITV Channel

It is Sir Richard Collas' last day at Guernsey's first citizen, so the outgoing Bailiff has shared his thoughts on the meaning of Liberation Day after one of the most unique in the island's history.

Whenever I think of a classic Liberation Day, when we have the commemoration, when we remember those who fought, those who suffered, we have the parade in in town, it's just like a kaleidoscope of memories and it's like a montage that forms in my mind, all of all these memories and all these different mental images I have in my mind but always happy ones.

Sir Richard Collas

Sir Richard Collas served as Bailiff of Guernsey for eight years.

The pandemic has ruined Liberation Day 2020. What saddens me most is that we've been looking forward to it for so long. The 70th anniversary was a fantastic one and I remember immediately afterwards people saying this has been wonderful but we're going to make the 75th even bigger even better. And all that all those plans all those dreams all those ideas we had have just had to be scrapped.

Sir Richard Collas
People in Guernsey were told to celebrate Liberation Day at home this year Credit: ITV Channel