Private coronavirus testing centre set up in Jersey

A private centre to test if people have or have had Covid-19 has been set up in Jersey.

Orchid Care Services will charge adults £74.99 to take the test at the former Tamba Park site in St Mary.

The company claims it is "one of the most effective screening tests for Covid-19", but there has been some concern globally about the accuracy of antibody testing.

The company's website also states the tests are not sensitive enough to always detect antibodies, especially in the early stages of the infection.

Orchid Care Services says it will share the test results with the Government of Jersey to help them with their testing and tracing exercise should they wish to use it.

Jersey's government has yet to comment on the testing centre.

The drive through centre will see people have the test in their cars, and it will then take 30 minutes to wait for the results.

The tests have been sourced from a California based company CTK Biotech and the tests identify two antibodies in the blood: IgM & IgG.

According to information on their website, IgM demonstrates whether an individual is in the acute stage of the virus and currently contagious. IgG shows when a person is convalescing or has been exposed to Covid-19.