A fishing boat ran aground south west of St Aubin's Fort, in the early hours of this morning (Thursday 14 May)

Jersey Police say the two crew members on board the 17m boat called L'Ecume II were attempting to secure it. They were rescued at approximately 3am.

The vessel has now been refloated following the high tide and the island's Harbourmaster, Captain Bill Sadler, says there were no signs of pollution caused by the incident.

An investigation will now take place by the Harbour Authority to see why it ran aground.

Crew members were rescued at 3am on Thursday 14 May. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The Fire Service's inshore rescue boat was called to the scene "within minutes" and was joined by the inshore lifeboat in the early hours.

The vessel run aground west of St Aubin's Fort. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Both crew members were uninjured and the cause of the vessel grounding is under investigation.