Jersey fisherman concerned over depleting stocks

Jersey fishermen are concerned there will be no stocks left unless a century old treaty that allows French Trawlers to fish in island waters is changed.

The Jersey Fisherman's Association says it has been calling on politicians to update the Granville Bay Treaty since 2016 - but to no avail.

Although the deal allows each jurisdiction access to each others waters, the Jersey fleet of 75 registered vessels are being dwarfed by hundreds of French boats.

The treaty dates back to 19th century and was amended in 2000 to help improve fishing regulations between both France and Jersey. But locals are calling for it to be changed again with Jersey's Environment Minister says it has been his priority since he became a minister.

Fishermen in the island are also struggling to make any money in the export market due to low stocks as well as prices of fish and shellfish dropping with many feeling it is not worth going out to try and catch supplies.

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