Places of worship open for 'private prayer' in Guernsey

Places of worship in Guernsey have reopened for "private prayer".

As part of phase three of the island's lockdown exit, islanders will now be able to access some churches and other religious centres at certain times of the day.

They are being asked, however, to attend either on their own or with members from their household, and to maintain appropriate hygiene and social distancing at all times.

I'm absolutely delighted that the States have taken account of the spiritual needs of the people of Guernsey alongside all the other things. At the moment, it's just for individuals to come in, pray, be quiet, and find the refreshment and encouragement that they need from these spiritual centres.

The Very Reverend Tim Barker, Dean of Guernsey

Other changes under phase three include:

  • Indoor building is allowed to take place

  • Takeaways can reopen

  • Childminders can operate under certain circumstances

  • A maximum of ten people can attend weddings and funerals

  • Public toilets have reopened

  • Bubbles can contain four households

  • Non-essential retailers (garden centres, cycle shops, sports shops and those selling clothes and shoes for children) are being reopened on a pilot basis