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Jersey politicians: It is time to ban single-use plastic bags

Single-use plastic and paper carrier bags could be banned in Jersey. Credit: PA

Single-use plastic and paper carrier bags could be banned in Jersey.

Deputy Inna Gardiner is calling for the ban after her attendance at a recent Commonwealth Parliamentary Association event where she learned the island is falling behind a number of other small jurisdictions where such a ban already exists.

Instead, she wants to encourage a “bring your own” bag culture, with an agreed minimum price introduced for “bags for life”.

As an Island community, we have a collective responsibility to look after our surrounding waters and marine life. We must also grasp the opportunity to shift away from the habits of a throwaway culture, and instead make positive steps towards waste reduction and re-use that can continue to develop into the future.”

“Banning both single-use plastic carrier bags and paper carrier bags will encourage a bring your own bag culture, which is to be supported by delivering clear guidance to retailers and consumers alike through an education and engagement programme, to ensure that the bag ban is understood, sustainable, and measurable.

– Deputy Gardiner

Her idea will be debated by politicians on 16 June and, if approved, would oblige the Council of Ministers to bring forward legislation by February 2021, with a further six months for consumers and retailers to adjust to the changes without risk of prosecution.