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Broad Street disabled parking bays relocated to Dumaresq Street

Broad Street is closing to vehicles to allow more space for pedestrians trying to social distance. Credit: Sean Dempsey/PA Archive/PA Images

Disabled parking spaces on Broad Street in St Helier have been temporarily moved to Dumaresq Street while the road remains closed to traffic.

Four new bays will be set up on the street as Broad Street closes from today (Saturday 23 May), so that pedestrians can have more space to social distance when in town.

The new bays on Dumaresq Street will be in addition to the ones at Sand Street Car Park, Library Place and at New Street.

Even though Broad Street is closed to cars, it will be open to delivery vehicles between 7am and 11am. Cyclist will be able to use the road throughout the day but will be expected to give pedestrians priority.

We are working closely with the Parish of St Helier to introduce measures which will make it easier for Islanders to shop and work in town during the Safe Exit Framework. The closure of Broad Street to through traffic will provide pedestrians with greater space to physically distance when visiting town, and is a part of Government’s response to Covid-19.

I realise that the change has happened at pace, and there has been some disruption for some road users, and I am grateful to the businesses, organisations and individuals who are affected for being so understanding, and I hope that the new bays prove to be a suitable alternative to Broad Street.

– Deputy Kevin Lewis, Jersey's Minister for Infrastructure.

The outbound bus routes 5 and 19 which currently turn onto Broad Street will continue to depart from Liberation Station but their routes will change from today and details are being published on the Liberty Bus website

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