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Testing of air passengers instead of quarantine is 'feasible', say Jersey's government

Steve Skelton wants to see if testing at the airport could work instead of people having to spend two weeks in isolation when arriving in the island. Credit: Artur Widak/NurPhoto/PA Images

Plans to test passengers arriving at Jersey Airport, as an alternative to two weeks of quarantine, have been described as “a feasible thing to do” by the civil servant leading the project.

Director of Policy and Innovation, Steve Skelton, is currently working up a trial to see how it would work in practise.

It would give passengers the option of taking a test on arrival, being quarantined for 24 hours while they await their results, and then being free to go out if they test negative. They would be re-tested after four days.

Solutions involving apps, which would be used by multiple jurisdictions, are also being considered.

At the moment there’s very limited travel between jurisdictions. As we perhaps open up, the ability to move between jurisdictions and to understand those flows will be really important. I think it’s a feasible thing to do. We’ve been looking at what other countries have already done. We need a safe control at the border that is functional and effective...

I think the primary conversations we’re having at the moment are around digital contact tracing technologies and the importance of interoperable technologies. That’s very much at the forefront of our thinking, so that people arriving here and people travelling away from Jersey could have a digital contact tracing solution that would be recognised in other jurisdictions. In terms of analogue or manual contact tracing we have systems in place and we use airline manifests as part of that process.

– Steve Skelton, Director of Policy and Innovation

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