Warning over Asian Hornets in Guernsey

People are being warned to look out for Asian Hornet nests in Guernsey.

Over the next few weeks, queen Asian hornets will be building their nests and raising the next generation of worker Asian hornets.

The nests grow rapidly and, by August, can hold up to 5,000 hornets.

The predators are an invasive species and pose a major threat to the island's pollinating insects.

At the height of summer, a single hornet can eat up to 50 bees in a day.

The warning has come after a fourth confirmed sighting this year.

The fourth Asian hornet sighting for 2020 spotted in Castel on Sunday. Credit: Asian Hornet Strategy

Throughout this lockdown period when more of us are spending time in our gardens and out enjoying the island’s wildlife it is really important to remain vigilant for Asian hornets and report any potential sightings swiftly so that we can check these out. I would also ask people to check their outbuildings, sheds, verandas and porches to look for any of these early queen’s nests.

Francis Russell - Project Coordinator Asian Hornet Strategy

The Asian hornets have a velvety black or dark brown thorax. A typical worker hornet is around one inch in length.

Those who think they have discovered an Asian hornet are encouraged to try and contain it and take a photo before calling 07839 197012 to report the sighting.