All paper tax returns in Jersey need to be sent and received by Sunday 31 May.

People who have not submitted their forms by that date will have to complete their tax filings online.

The deadline for filing a tax return online is 31 July - two months later than the paper deadline.

In total 31,000 Islanders have already completed their tax return for 2019, just under half of the number of people who need to.

Earlier in the month Deputy Susie Pinel, Treasury Minister, said that those filing tax returns online would find it quicker.

Filing online is quicker and easier than using the paper form. For example, when someone answers a question, subsequent sections of the form that do not apply to that individual will not be shown. The online form can also be paused, saved and completed later.

Deputy Susie Pinel, The Minister for Treasury and Resources

The new web-based system went live in January, with the government saying it is a quicker and more convenient way of processing their tax than by using the paper forms.

Jersey’s government had actively encouraged people to submit online where possible, in an effort to reduce the number of Revenue Jersey staff who need to visit the office during the coronavirus pandemic.

To use the online system people will need a OneGov account and a ‘YOTI digital ID’.

Those wishing to return their forms online can do so on the government's website.