Guernsey businesses reopen as phase four begins

Businesses across Guernsey have been expressing their relief as they returned to work for the first time in more than two months.

Shops, gyms and hotels were among those opening their doors for the first time since lockdown began.

They were able to reopen as the island moved into phase four of its lockdown exit strategy.

Hairdressers were also back in business with many islanders getting a trim on Saturday.

It feels like a new day at school. We're booked up for at least the next five weeks but we do have a waiting list but the girls and myself are really pleased to be back to work and get some form of routine and seeing people and getting back to all our clients who are our friends as well.

Lynne Kendall-Falla - Owner, Bijoux Boutique

Sue Naftel was one of the first islanders to get her haircut at the weekend, relaxing into the chair just seconds past midnight.

It was really odd because I hadn't been out at night since lockdown and there was no traffic on the road at all. I think I saw two cars come up from Grand Rock and it was a bit surreal.

Sue Naftel

Restaurants also returned with many islanders going out for a meal. Andrew Coleman owns La Barberie hotel and restaurant and he is hopeful people will support local throughout the summer.

It'll be interesting to see what the mood is in Guernsey and how supportive everybody will be. We've had a fairly slow start to be honest, we've got a few in the restaurants and out in the gardens but we're hopeful the bookings are coming in which is great.

Andrew Coleman, La Barberie hotel