Guernsey in drought, but not Jersey - Sophia Bird explains

May was a dry month with less than 20mm recorded in either island, but not a record breaker. In fact the islands had differing amounts of rainfall as the showers passed over sporadically.

Not having any rainfall, beyond a trace - defined as less than 0.2mm - in Guernsey since 10 May, means they are in whats known as an absolute drought.

Guernsey are in Meteorological Drought, their last rainfall was on 10th May. Jersey however had 0.2mm of rainfall last weekend during an early morning shower therefore not currently officially in meteorological drought.

Paul Aked, Jersey Met

Jersey may not be in a drought, but is in a dry spell which means 15 days consecutively where each day has recorded less than 1mm.

All the reservoirs appear healthy, and the next sign of rain could be Wednesday night, but there is a lot of uncertainty in the forecast.

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