Guernsey Cricket took centre stage on Saturday as the island became the first place in the British Isles to hold a game this summer.

Thousands of people watched an online stream as two teams drawn from Guernsey's island squad played out a trial match at the KGV ground with social distancing restrictions in place.

Guernsey, which has not had a new confirmed case of Covid-19 now for 32 days, moved into the fourth phase of its lockdown exit at the weekend.

"It was very nice, and really good recognition for Guernsey as an island to credit all the work we've done in the circumstances", said player Nathan Le Tissier.

"To be able to broadcast that to the rest of the nation is a really nice feeling".

Among those to express their interest in the fixture on social media were former England captain Michael Vaughan and England bowler Stuart Broad, who commented on a brilliant catch taken by Matt Renouf.

Former England T20 captain Paul Collingwood, who was famed for his fielding skills, also picked up on that moment, describing it as the "catch of the century".

Cricket in England is suspended until at least 1 July, while the England and Wales Cricket Board has not put a timeframe on the return of the recreational game.

Guernsey Cricket had suggested a list of measures to local public health officials ahead of the game but reverted to guidelines published by the International Cricket Council last week.

Players were asked to arrive at the ground separately and were not allowed to come into contact on the field.

Guernsey Cricket player and development manager Ben Ferbrache was delighted that they were able to get the game on.

"For me actually, I field on the boundary so it was quite nice not having to run in and give high-fives out", he joked.

"It was a little bit strange, but I think it's better to be strange and actually play a game of cricket rather than not play at all."

Guernsey Cricket plan to stage another exhibition match in two weeks time, with domestic league action in line to start soon after.

"We're kind of working on starting about three weeks from here", said CEO Mark Latter, "all things being well and the green light continuing.

With considerable interest in the island's early return to cricket, local administrators are also exploring the possibility of streaming some of this season's domestic competitions.