The League of Friends hospital cafe has donated 75 thousand pounds from its reserve funds to the hospital.

The cafe has donated the funds from its reserves to pay for a vacuum assisted breast biopsy unit for the Radiography Department,and a ventilator for the Intensive Care Unit.

The team which is made up of volunteers earns around £70,000 per year from running the Hospital cafe and shop.

Since it opened in 1977, the League has donated over £1million to the Hospital.

Our profits will be negligible this year, with the café and shop closed for the foreseeable future. However, we wanted to do something to support the Hospital in these exceptional times and a donation from our reserves was the obvious step. Our excellent continuing relationship with the Hospital management team means we can direct our funding to where it will be most useful. It is a tribute to all our volunteers, many of whom are past retirement age, that we are in a position to do so and special thanks are due to them for their work.

Chairman Lady Bailhache

The cafe has been closed since the coronvirus outbreak.

Café stocks were donated to the Shelter Trust and the stockof drinks, snacks and chocolate was donated to hospital staff.

The League's café and shop space has been temporarily converted to a quiet rest area for hospital staff.

It is not known when it will be able to re-open and resume services, including the daily ward trolley service for in-patients.

The amount that has been donated is 80% of the League's reserves with the remainder being kept to restock and start trading again when possible.