People travelling into Jersey could have to carry proof that they have tested negative for coronavirus.

Deputy Jeremy Macon has put forward plans which would require all those coming to the island to have a Covid-19 test before they travel.

I am proposing that passengers are not allowed to come to Jersey unless they can provide proof that they have tested negative for Covid-19. Tests could be carried out at the points of departure to ensure up-to-date results and those who test positive are not allowed to travel to Jersey. It is a balance between keeping our Islanders safe and ensuring that our industries, in particular tourism, will not be hit too severely by the current crisis. States Members need to be in control of this key decision and I would ask Members for their support.

Deputy Jeremy Macon

He also wants all politicians to have a say when current travel restrictions are lifted, not just the Council of Ministers.

The proposition will be debated in July.