The Durrell Charity Shop reopens today, after ten weeks of being closed.

The charity shop provides a "vital source" of income for Durrell, allowing the Conservation Trust to recover threatened wildlife and revive damaged eco-systems across the world.

Numerous safety measures have been put in place in the shop to help customers follow social distancing guidelines.

Durrell staff and volunteers say they are "confident" that the shop "can provide a safe experience for everyone". Credit: Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Durrell staff and volunteers trialled the new system and are "confident" that the shop "can provide a safe experience for everyone".

The shop will be open Tuesday through to Saturday, 9am until 1pm.

What you need to know about visiting the shop:

  • Face masks must be worn in the shop for everyone aged 8+ (for sale on arrival for those who do not have one)

  • Card or contactless payment only

  • Limited to 10 shoppers at a time

  • Queuing system outside the entrance with floor markers

  • Hand sanitiser point on arrival

  • Changing room and toilet facilities are closed

  • The shop has been rearranged to accommodate for 2m distancing

  • Yellow floor markers inside the shop demarcate 2m distance

  • All surfaces, doors and equipment cleaned regularly

  • The shop can be exited via two different doors

Credit: Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

How to make a donation:

  • The drop off point is now located away from the charity shop door, at the entrance to the large storage area

  • There will be roll cages or a clearly marked area for unloading donations

  • All donations will be isolated in our storage area for 72 hours before being sorted

  • The shop is not operating a collection or delivery service but hope to do so again soon

What to do with items you want to donate:

  • Email images to and volunteers will confirm if they can be stored

  • Put any clothing and other fabrics through the washing machine

  • Wipe down any hard surfaces

  • Only donate items that can be sold (items are in a good condition)

  • Those who wish to donate a large amount of items are being asked to stagger their donations to help with storage capacity

  • Do not leave donations outside when we are closed as it can result in goods being stolen or damaged.

For more information visit the Durrell Charity Shop website.